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Submitted on
January 1


20 (who?)
EDIT 6 (and hopefully the final edit) :
First off, a big thank you goes to everyone who joined! The winners are, from third to first place...


Searching for Shelter by Lucy-of-the-wolves
This comic was incredibly detailed! I'm impressed! Also, ants invading the world. Heck yes.


Contest entry - Kill Frg by Azedarach


How Frg Dies by 1o11y9o9
This totally would happen.

Again, thanks for joining! I hope you all had fun! :) I'm off to administer prizes now.

EDIT 5: The contest is now officially closed for entries. I'll be judging over the next few days. Keep an eye on the journal for the winners! :D

Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day of the contest. I will not be extending it again. If you have an entry, please hurry up and get it in so I can start judging. Thank you!

EDIT 3: So the entries have begun rolling in, and it seems to me like a lot of you have missed the point. This is meant to be humorous. That's what Frg IS. Please, understand this... if it's not funny, it has VERY little chance of winning the contest. Making it nasty for the sake of being nasty will earn you a swift failure.
"But LadyDeliz, we're supposed to kill him! I don't know what you expected!" -Deviant
I expected this to be funny. 
Examples of how I've killed Frg in the past:

Frg No by LadyDelizFalling by LadyDeliz The Boy Who Needed Help (Frg's Death) (part one)            It was early morning in Heroicits. The sun was not yet over the horizon, but the pastel hues outlining the sky proved it would arrive soon. The mountains and the forest were blanketed by a thick mist, swirling about slowly. The birds sang softly in the trees, guiding all the creatures gently from the land of slumber. Morning would soon be upon all.
            Up in the foothills of the mountains, the mist was especially thick. Whole clouds had come to rest upon the slopes, leaving their children behind them in the form of mist. In some places, the mist was thick enough to cut with a sword. It was a majestic sight, and one that a certain man didn’t want to miss.
            Rayon was moving along the mountainside, his feet prancing nimbly among the unsure rocks and treacherous paths. His lion tail trailed along behind him, se

If you, at this time, feel unsuited to the contest, I am prepared for people to leave. But this needs to be said, so thanks for reading.

EDIT 2: First off, wooooow! I didn't think one feature would get this many people to join. Welcome aboard!
Second, I feel like I should stress that this is all in good fun. Enjoy yourselves, and try not to take it so seriously. :D Frg is the farthest thing FROM serious.
Finally, I upped the prizes. kthxbai

EDIT: THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO THE 28th OF FEBRUARY. And I lost the cool dragon journal skin because my p.m. ran out. 

Yes, you read that right. LadyDeliz is hosting a contest, open for Watchers and non-Watchers alike. And it involves killing her OC.



-Fave this journal, so you have it on hand, and as blatant promotion.
-Draw my character Frg being killed. (More details on that to follow.)
-Comment below with a link to your finished drawing.

So, y'know Frg? (If you don't, get acquainted.) Y'know how he's always dying? Well, now you get to be the one to kill him! Isn't that nice?

Draw a picture of Frg dying/being killed. Be creative with it. (A reference sheet can be found here.)

While you could stab him in the brain with a sword, that's not terribly creative. Try stabbing him in the spleen with a toothpick instead. That's just as effective and twice as fun! :D


-This contest is open to any medium. Do it traditionally or digitally, it's your call.
-Please avoid gore and torture. A lil' bit of blood is fine, though.
-Killing an OC that is not Frg will result in disqualification.

I will be judging both presentation and creativity.


As more people join, I will be adding more prizes and places. For now, though...

First Place: 200 points, a watch, and a llama.
Second Place: 70 points, a watch, and a llama.
Third Place: 30 points, a watch, and a llama.

The deadline is the end of January. If you need more time, let me know, and I can extend it. :)


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Ok, this one is a revamped version of the last one. It's also a fully coloured picture, rather than a sketchy comic! :D
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Nicely done!
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